Our philosophy is prioritizing quality over quantity and individual attention to needs of our clients

We have helped to organize language courses and studies abroad for tens of thousands of children and adults since 1993.

We continuously extend our quality network of educational institutions all around the world.


Due to the extensive portfolio of travel products ASIANA is capable of providing a complete service including airline tickets, travel insurance and assistance with visa applications.


We are fully dedicated to our clients prior to their stay as well as during the course and after its completion.


We are proud to help people with their education regardless of their age.


Our philosophy is prioritizing quality over quantity and we pay special attention to the individual needs of our clients.


Our services include:

Language courses for juniors - wide range of destinations and schools


Language stays with a delegate - a group with a limited number of students


Language courses for adults - regular special prices and special offers


Language courses with a special focus - doctors, lawyers, etc., or in combination with sports, dancing, etc.


High school programmes - an affordable investment for your children


Study at universities – opportunity to study all around the world


Study at vocational schools - competitive rates for quality education


Work abroad - a possibility to cover the living expenses


Additional services - air tickets, visa services, insurance and any other travel services